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Band/ School membership

55,00 TTC



You would like to get or renew a membership to the FITF easily and quickly? Get it online!

Download the form by clicking here and fill it.

Founded in 1928, the FITF lives a very special year as it celebrates its 90th birthday. A year therefore placed under the sign of celebration and culture. Classified as Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO of several countries, including France, the federation, its administrators and its partners work for a worldwide recognition.

With the daily use of social networks and the upcoming arrival of our new website, the FITF wishes to make available its resources so that each group and each school can communicate on its activity and make known its events.

Thus, as a member of the FITF, you are sure to give your organization visibility on your passion and the opportunity to share it with as many people as possible.
In addition, and to familiarize everyone with the heritage of the Trompe, we offer each new group / new school joining the federation a review, the book “The Trump, Tradition and Future” available on our online store, and as a mini-collection of fanfares, an indispensable part of our collection!

All this is in addition to the benefits already put in place for our groups and schools:

  • Access to a structured and evolutionary pedagogy
  • Training of school instructors on the learning of the Trompe but also the passage of the Brevet
  • Opportunity to compete regionally and nationally
  • Privileged exchanges with your local interlocutor (Departmental Delegate, Regional) to organize or perpetuate events, competitions and gatherings.
  • Provision of the FITF shop to publicize your works (CDs, Books, Collections …) and market them (contact us)



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